Reading the archaeometallurgical findings of Yodhawewa site, Sri Lanka: contextualizing with South Asian metal history

  title={Reading the archaeometallurgical findings of Yodhawewa site, Sri Lanka: contextualizing with South Asian metal history},
  author={W. M. T. B. Wijepala and Sansfica M. Young and Hiroaki Ishiga},
  journal={Asian Archaeology},
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Ancient metalworking at Yodhawewa site, Sri Lanka: tracing the archaeological and geochemical relationship by analyzing soil and slags

The Yodhawewa archaeometallurgical site was the latest discovery in Sri Lanka in 2018. This study aimed to trace the archaeological and geochemical relationship by analyzing the soil and slags of the



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In the 1945 excavations of Mortimer Wheeler at the site of Arikamedu on the southeastern coast of India, a new ceramic type was named Rouletted Ware because of its distinctive decoration, which was

A ninth-century AD Arab or Indian shipwreck in Indonesia: First evidence for direct trade with China

A well-preserved ninth-century AD shipwreck was excavated in 1998-9 off the Indonesian island of Belitung between Sumatra and Borneo. The principal features of the wreck include planks joined by

Political Authority and Structural Change in Early South Indian History

It has often been said that pre-modern south Asian states were in certain vital respects timeless, and sometimes even that Indian society had no real social history before colonial intervention. Most

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This review explores the great copper alloy image casting traditions of southern India from archaeometallurgical and ethnometallurgical perspectives. The usefulness of lead isotope ratio and

A Model for Understanding Ancient Indian Iron Metallurgy

The ironmaking process used at Dhatwa in the middle of the 1st millenium BC is described. The ore (limonite) was roasted, crushed and smelted in a crucible-shaped shaft furnace or cylindrical clay

The Occurrence of Metallic Iron in Ancient Copper

Abstract Of the many thousands of chemical or spectrochemical analyses of ancient copper, principally from central and northern Europe, and available in the literature, only a few report iron in

The probable industrial origin of archaeological daub at an Iron Age site in Northeast Thailand *

Determining probable firing temperatures of daub recovered from archaeological sites provides opportunities to interpret the design and/or function of prehistoric structures. This paper critiques