Reading and Spelling: Development and Disorders.

  title={Reading and Spelling: Development and Disorders.},
  author={Charles Hulme and Rajeshkumar M Joshi},
Contents: Part I:The Development of Decoding Skills. A.M. Liberman, Why Is Speech So Much Easier Than Reading? P.B. Gough, S. Wren, The Decomposition of Decoding. W.E. Tunmer, J.W. Chapman, Language Prediction Skill, Phonological Recoding Ability, and Beginning Reading. U. Goswami, Rime-Based Coding in Early Reading Development in English: Orthographic Analogies and Rime Neighborhoods. L.C. Ehri, Word Reading by Sight and by Analogy in Beginning Readers. V. Muter, Phonological Awareness: Its… CONTINUE READING