Reading Sex and Gender in the Secret Revelation of John

  title={Reading Sex and Gender in the Secret Revelation of John},
  author={K. King},
  journal={Journal of Early Christian Studies},
  pages={519 - 538}
  • K. King
  • Published 2011
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Early Christian Studies
The Secret Revelation of John is replete with imagery of the divine Mother alongside the Father God and his Son Christ. It boasts of powerful female saviors—and even identifies Christ among them. Eve is not the cause of humankind's fall, but of its redemption. The sexual intercourse of Adam and Eve marks not original sin, but a step toward salvation. Yet readers find, too, an idealized divine world in the pattern of the ancient patriarchal household, and a portrait of another female figure… Expand
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  • New Testament Studies
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