Reading Judas: The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity

  title={Reading Judas: The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity},
  author={Elaine H. Pagels and K. King},
Irenaeus's knowledge of the Gospel of Judas: Real or false? An analysis of the evidence in context
This study discusses Irenaeus of Lyon’s testimony of the famous Gospel of Judas , offering both a historical and, in particular, linguistic analysis and retranslation of Against Heresies 1.31.1. OnExpand
The laughing sage: Chinese and western perspectives
This article attempts to shed light on the cultural understanding of laughter in the East and in the West. More specifically, it introduces the sages who take laughter as their signature both inExpand
Assembling Early Christianity: Trade, Networks, and the Letters of Dionysios of Corinth
In this book, Cavan W. Concannon explores the growth and development of Christianity in the second century. He focuses on Dionysios of Corinth, an early Christian bishop who worked to build a networkExpand
Competing Visions of the Care of the Self in the Apocalypse of Peter, the Testimony of Truth, Fragments of Basilides and Valentinus, and the Gospel of Judas
This chapter juxtaposes the discourse of martyrdom in the texts discussed in Chap. 3 with an examination of this same topic in newly discovered works from Nag Hammadi and other places in Egypt.Expand
The Impediment of the Passions: The Testimony of Truth (nhc ix,3) as Deliberative Rhetoric Against the Teaching that the Confession of Faith and Baptism are Salvific without Celibacy
The fragmented nature of the Nag Hammadi treatise known as The Testimony of Truth (NHC IX,3) has seriously impeded our interpretation of this remarkable text, the only Nag Hammadi text in whichExpand
Truth and Humor in Shaftesbury, Hamann, and Kierkegaard
Philosophers have rarely argued for the significance of humor in the good life. Three Modern thinkers stand out as exceptions: the British Enlightenment philosopher, the third Earl of Shaftesbury,Expand
Salvific Dissolution: The Mystery of the Betrayal between the New Testament and the Gospel of Judas
The recently discovered Gospel of Judas has created much controversy among scholars. While it is clear that Judas is liable for Jesus' crucifixion in this text, it is much debated whether his actionsExpand