Reading Jaufré: Comedy and Interpretation in a Medieval Cliff-Hanger

  title={Reading Jaufr{\'e}: Comedy and Interpretation in a Medieval Cliff-Hanger},
  author={Caroline D. Eckhardt},
  journal={The Comparatist},
  pages={40 - 62}
Long before Don Quixote tilted at his misinterpreted windmill, King Arthur also had a misadventure at a mill, though of a different sort. (1) In one of the lesser-known texts of medieval courtly literature, the anonymous twelfth- or thirteenth-century Occitan romance called Jaufre, (2) the opening episode presents a bizarre confrontation between Arthur and an animal resembling a strange, shaggy, and oversized bull. This bestia [beast], which the king encounters at a mill in the forest of… 
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