Reading Culture

  title={Reading Culture},
  author={Timothy Weiss},
  journal={Journal of Business and Technical Communication},
  pages={321 - 338}
  • Timothy Weiss
  • Published 1997
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Business and Technical Communication
A new orientation toward intercultural and international communication will demand a redefinition of the professional communicator and professional communication: Translation—understood in a broad sense—will become a crucial skill. Analyzing what is absent from contexts and messages will become just as important as editing and refining what is present in them. This article considers the process of translation in the framework of the postmodern debate about language and reality as well as the… Expand
Beyond Internationalization
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Intercultural Business Communication and Translation: A 3-Dimensional Approach
The aim of the present paper is to explore the relation of intercultural business communication and translation. Having as theoretical background the writings of Edward Hall and Geert Hofstede, it isExpand
Lost in Translation: Professional Communication Competencies in Global Training Contexts
  • J. Melton
  • Psychology
  • IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication
  • 2008
Based on a case study of a global training team, this article focuses on an important ability for professional communicators: collaborating with translators. The study confirms the value ofExpand
Multiculturalism and Professional Communication Studies
Patrick Moore’s and Emily Thrush’s vastly different responses to my commentary, “Beyond Internationalization: Multicultural Education in the Professional Writing Contact Zone,” reinforce howExpand
The glob al horizons of professional communication: critical theoretical approaches to the discipline's emerging cultural issues
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Business Communication Needs
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Pluralism, Instrumental Discourse, and the Limits of Social Construction
Laurie Grobman’s commentary, “Beyond Internationalization: Multicultural Education in the Professional Writing Contact Zone” (JBTC 13 [1999]: 427-48), makes sense in several respects, butExpand
Business communication as cultural text: Exchange and feedback of promotional video clips
Our research is a response to the need to improve the understanding of the complexity of global professional communication. To investigate the complex cultural interpretations that producers andExpand
Cross-cultural adjustment in the multinational training programme
This study provides an in-depth understanding of the process of programmeme adjustment that occurred in the case of a US-born multinational training programme in Taiwan. Through observation,Expand
Going Global: A Case Study of Rhetorical Invention, Packaging, Delivery, and Feedback Collection
  • J. Melton
  • Psychology
  • IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication
  • 2009
When the primary aim of global, professional communication expands to include rapport building in addition to information sharing, basic parts of the communication process must be reevaluated. SuchExpand


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