Reading Comprehension in Czech via Machine Translation and Cross-lingual Transfer

  title={Reading Comprehension in Czech via Machine Translation and Cross-lingual Transfer},
  author={Katevrina Mackov'a and Milan Straka},
  • Katevrina Mackov'a, Milan Straka
  • Published in TDS 2020
  • Computer Science
  • Reading comprehension is a well studied task, with huge training datasets in English. This work focuses on building reading comprehension systems for Czech, without requiring any manually annotated Czech training data. First of all, we automatically translated SQuAD 1.1 and SQuAD 2.0 datasets to Czech to create training and development data, which we release at this http URL. We then trained and evaluated several BERT and XLM-RoBERTa baseline models. However, our main focus lies in cross… CONTINUE READING

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