Readiness potentials recorded from the scalp and depth leads.

  title={Readiness potentials recorded from the scalp and depth leads.},
  author={Yoshifumi Baba and Tetsuichi Asano and Shoji Nakamura and Takashi Ohmoto},
  journal={Applied neurophysiology},
  volume={39 3-4},
Readiness potentials on voluntary hand movements were recorded from the scalp (C3, C4), premotor cortex, subcortical white matter and VL nucleus of the thalamus. Subjects were healthy right-handed men and patients with involuntary movement disorders. We obtained a slow negative shift of brain electrical potentials from the scalp and cortex preceding voluntary hand movements. The mean time interval between the onset of the readiness potential and the onset of motor activity (mean T) was 0.8 sec… CONTINUE READING