Reactor neutrino experiments compared to superbeams

  title={Reactor neutrino experiments compared to superbeams},
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An Appearance-Like Reactor Experiment To Measure Ue3

Conventional reactor neutrino experiments are dissapearance experiments, and thus have less sensitivity to small mixing angles than appearance experiments do. It has been recently shown that future

Prospects for neutrino oscillation physics

Recently the last unknown lepton mixing angle has been determined to be relatively large, not too far from its previous upper bound. This opens exciting possibilities for upcoming neutrino

Phenomenology of a Low-Energy Neutrino Factory and Related Experiments

The discovery of neutrino oscillations is one of the most important in the recent history of particle physics, being the first evidence of physics beyond the Standard Model. We describe the

Physics potential of the CERN-MEMPHYS neutrino oscillation project

We consider the physics potential of CERN based neutrino oscillation experiments consisting of a Beta Beam (βB) and a Super Beam (SPL) sending neutrinos to MEMPHYS, a 440 kt water Cerenkov detector

An Intermediate gamma beta-beam neutrino experiment with long baseline

In order to address some fundamental questions in neutrino physics a wide, future programme of neutrino oscillation experiments is currently under discussion. Among those, long baseline experiments