Reactor ν̄e disappearance in the Double Chooz experiment

  title={Reactor $\nu$̄e disappearance in the Double Chooz experiment},
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The Double Chooz experiment has observed 8,249 candidate electron antineutrino events in 227.93 live days with 33.71 GW-ton-years (reactor power x detector mass x livetime) exposure using a 10.3 cubic meter fiducial volume detector located at 1050 m from the reactor cores of the Chooz nuclear power plant in France. The expectation in case of theta13 = 0 is 8,937 events. The deficit is interpreted as evidence of electron antineutrino disappearance. From a rate plus spectral shape analysis we… 
Ortho-positronium observation in the Double Chooz experiment
A bstractThe Double Chooz experiment measures the neutrino mixing angle θ13 by detecting reactor ν¯e$$ {\overline{\nu}}_e $$ via inverse beta decay. The positron-neutron space and time coincidence
Measurement of the leptonic mixing parameter theta13 at the reactor electron antineutrino experiment Double Chooz
The Double Chooz experiment aims at measuring the neutrino mixing parameter theta13 by studying the oscillations of electron antineutrinos produced by the Chooz nuclear reactors located in France.
Estimating the neutron background toward the measurement of neutrino mixing angle theta13 with the Double Chooz detector
Double Chooz is a reactor neutrino experiment which has shown evidence of electron anti-neutrino disappearance at 1 km distance. It has been able to exclude the no-oscillation hypothesis at 99.8% CL


Prediction of the Reactor Antineutrino Flux for the Double Chooz Experiment
This thesis benchmarks the deterministic lattice code, DRAGON, against data, and then applies this code to make a prediction for the antineutrino flux from the Chooz BI and B2 reactors. Data from the
Monte Carlo aided design of the inner muon veto detectors for the Double Chooz experiment
The Double Chooz neutrino experiment aims to measure the last unknown neutrino mixing angle θ13 using two identical detectors positioned at sites both near and far from the reactor cores of the Chooz
The trigger and timing system of the Double Chooz experiment
The present design of the system provides a high flexibility for the applied logic and settings, making it useful for experiments other than Double Chooz, and also provides a common clock signal for all subsequent data acquisition systems to guarantee a synchronous readout of the Double chooz detectors.
GEANT4 Physics Lists for HEP
In GEANT4, a Physics List is a consistent set of physics models that is able to cover all combinations of incident particle type, energy, and target material. Various Physics Lists are possible and
MAROC: Multi-Anode ReadOut Chip for MaPMTs
For the ATLAS luminometer, made of Roman pots, a complete readout ASIC has been designed in 0.35 SiGe technology. It is used to readout 64 channels multi anode photomultipliers and supplies 64
Radionuclides in the environment : International Conference on Isotopes in Environmental Studies : Aquatic Forum 2004, 25-29 October, Monaco
Preface (P.P. Povinec, J.A. Sanchez-Cabeza). Environmental Isotope Tracers. Application of accelerator mass spectrometry to environmental and paleoclimate studies at the University of Arizona (A.J.
AIV Assembly, Integration, Verification AOA Angle of Attack CAD Computer Aided Design CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics GLOW Gross Lift-Off Mass GNC Guidance Navigation and Control IR Infra-Red LEO
OF THE DISCLOSURE A gas Spring for a drawing table which has a cylinder, a piston in the cylinder, and a piston rod projecting from the piston through one end wall of the cylinder, the other end wall
J Abadie1, B P Abbott1, R Abbott1, M Abernathy2, C Adams3, R Adhikari1, C Affeldt4,11, B Allen4,5,11, G S Allen6, E Amador Ceron5, D Amariutei8, R S Amin9, S B Anderson1, W G Anderson5, K Arai1, M A
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