• Biology, Medicine
  • Published in Journal of immunology 1970

Reactivity of normal shark immunoglobulins with nitrophenyl ligands.

  title={Reactivity of normal shark immunoglobulins with nitrophenyl ligands.},
  author={Gerrie A. Leslie and L. William Clem},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={105 6},
Normal nurse shark and lemon shark sera contain ∼17S and 7S immunoglobulins with anti-dinitrophenyl activity. Specifically purified 17S “anti-DNP” precipitated in gels with DNP-BSA conjugates, bound to DNP-immunoadsorbents (∼60%) but did not give detectable binding by equilibrium dialysis. The 7S “anti-DNP” did not precipitate in gels, nor did it bind radiolabeled hapten and only about 25% bound to DNP-immunoadsorbents. Of special interest was the observation that specifically purified 17S… CONTINUE READING

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