Reactivity of consecutive basic amino acid residues in peptides.


Different tetrapeptides of general formula L-Ala-X-X-Gly, possessing a basic doublet in the second and third position (X = Arg or Lys), have been synthesized as free or N-acetylated molecules. The chemical reactivity of the arginine guanidino group and of the lysine epsilon-amino group were studied using respectively the Sakaguchi and the ortho… (More)


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@article{BayleLacoste1987ReactivityOC, title={Reactivity of consecutive basic amino acid residues in peptides.}, author={M Bayle-Lacoste and E de Tinguy-Moreaud and Serge Geoffre and Eug{\`e}ne Neuzil}, journal={International journal of peptide and protein research}, year={1987}, volume={29 3}, pages={392-405} }