Reactivity of a Nickel Sulfide with Carbon Monoxide and Nitric Oxide.

  title={Reactivity of a Nickel Sulfide with Carbon Monoxide and Nitric Oxide.},
  author={Nathaniel J. Hartmann and Guang Wu and Trevor W Hayton},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={138 38},
  • Nathaniel J. Hartmann, Guang Wu, Trevor W Hayton
  • Published 2016
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • The reactivity of the "masked" terminal nickel sulfide complex, [K(18-crown-6)][(L(tBu))Ni(II)(S)] (L(tBu) = {(2,6-(i)Pr2C6H3)NC((t)Bu)}2CH), with the biologically important small molecules CO and NO, was surveyed. [K(18-crown-6)][(L(tBu))Ni(II)(S)] reacts with carbon monoxide (CO) via addition across the Ni-S bond to give a carbonyl sulfide complex, [K(18-crown-6)][(L(tBu))Ni(II)(S,C:η(2)-COS)] (1). Additionally, [K(18-crown-6)][(L(tBu))Ni(II)(S)] reacts with nitric oxide (NO) to yield a… CONTINUE READING
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