Reactive ion etching of AlN, AlGaN, and GaN using BCl{sub 3}

  title={Reactive ion etching of AlN, AlGaN, and GaN using BCl\{sub 3\}},
  author={W. C. Hughes and W. H. Rowland and Mark J. Johnson and James W. Cook and Jan Frederick Schetzina},
The III-V nitrides are promising materials for use in UV-blue-green optoelectronics, high-temperature electronics, and negative-electron-affinity (NEA) electron emitter applications. In order to realize this potential, it is important to develop an etching technology for device fabrication. The stability of the III-V nitrides to harsh chemical environments makes most wet etching extremely difficult, so that dry etching alternatives are desirable. Recent experiments have shown that BCl{sub 3… CONTINUE READING