Reactive arthritis induced by tonsillitis.

  title={Reactive arthritis induced by tonsillitis.},
  author={Shinya Kobayashi and Naoto Tamura and Tetsu Akimoto and Ginichiro Ichikawa and Guohua Xi and Yoshinari Takasaki and Hiroshi Hashimoto},
  journal={Acta oto-laryngologica. Supplementum},
We describe 13 adult patients with reactive arthritis induced by tonsillitis. Arthritis occurred 710 days after tonsillitis and involved the wrists, knees, feet and sternoclavicular joints. Some cases had pain in the Achilles tendon areas. Synovial fluid examined in 4 patients was sterile. All patients except 3 showed unequivocal elevation of serum ASO and/or ASK. Streptococcus was isolated from tonsillar swabs in 7 patients. One had maculopapular erythema and 2 had abdominal pain of unknown… CONTINUE READING