Reactive Intestinal Dysfunction Syndrome (RIDS) caused by chemical exposures.

  title={Reactive Intestinal Dysfunction Syndrome (RIDS) caused by chemical exposures.},
  author={Avidov E Lieberman and Mr R Craven},
  journal={Archives of environmental health},
  volume={53 5},
In this study, the authors describe a new "reactive syndrome," Reactive Intestinal Dysfunction Syndrome (RIDS), which has similarities to the previously described clinical syndromes Reactive Airway Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS) and Reactive Upper Airway Dysfunction Syndrome (RUDS). Given that at least 5 neuropeptides are common to both the respiratory tract and digestive tract, the authors propose that the abnormal secretion of these neuropeptides or the abnormal numbers of their receptors play a… CONTINUE READING