Reaction time and acoustic startle in normal human subjects.

  title={Reaction time and acoustic startle in normal human subjects.},
  author={Josep Valls-Sol{\'e} and Angelo Del Sole and Francesc Valldeoriola and Esteban Aedo Mu{\~n}oz and Luis E. Gonzalez and Eduardo Tolosa},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={195 2},
We studied the effects of collision between a voluntary command and the startle response by interrupting a simple visual reaction time task with an acoustic startle. We observed two main effects. First, the reaction time was markedly shortened when the startle was delivered at intervals of 0-75 ms after the 'go' signal. Second, the startle response elicited when the subject's attention was focused onto reacting to the visual 'go' signal involved more muscles and induced larger EMG responses… CONTINUE READING