Reaction products in mass spectrometry elucidated with infrared spectroscopy.

  title={Reaction products in mass spectrometry elucidated with infrared spectroscopy.},
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  journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP},
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  • N. Polfer, J. Oomens
  • Published 2007
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
  • Determining the structure and dynamics of large biologically relevant molecules is one of the key challenges facing biology. Although X-ray crystallography (XRD) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) yield accurate structural information, they are of limited use when sample quantities are low. Mass spectrometry (MS) on the other hand has been very successful in analyzing biological molecules down to atto-mole quantities and has hence begun to challenge XRD and NMR as the key technology in the… CONTINUE READING
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