Reaction of opioid peptides with neutral endopeptidase ("enkephalinase").

  title={Reaction of opioid peptides with neutral endopeptidase ("enkephalinase").},
  author={Louis B. Hersh},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={43 2},
The kinetics of the reactions of nine opioid peptides with the neutral endopeptidase ("enkephalinase") activities of human kidney, rat kidney, and rat brain have been determined. These opioid peptides can be divided into two classes, those that are good inhibitors of Leu5-enkephalin hydrolysis (Ki less than 75 microM) and good substrates for the enzyme, and those that are poor inhibitors (Ki greater than 500 microM) and are not substrates for the enzyme. The former group includes Leu5… CONTINUE READING