Reaction of a copper-dioxygen complex with nitrogen monoxide (*NO) leads to a copper(II)-peroxynitrite species.


A discrete peroxynitrite-copper(II) complex, [(TMG3tren)CuII(-OONO)]+ (3), has been generated in solution (ESI-MS, m/z = 565.15; tetragonal EPR) by reacting *NO(g) with superoxo complex [(TMG3tren)CuII(O2*-)]+ (2). Complex 3 undergoes a thermal transformation to give CuII-nitrite complex [(TMG3tren)CuII(-ONO)]+ (4) (X-ray) along with ca. 0.5 molar equiv… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/ja801540e


2 Figures and Tables

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