Reachability in Parametric Interval Markov Chains Using Constraints

  title={Reachability in Parametric Interval Markov Chains Using Constraints},
  author={Anicet Bart and Beno{\^i}t Delahaye and Didier Lime and {\'E}ric Monfroy and Charlotte Truchet},
Parametric Interval Markov Chains (pIMCs) are a specification formalism that extend Markov Chains (MCs) and Interval Markov Chains (IMCs) by taking into account imprecision in the transition probability values: transitions in pIMCs are labeled with parametric intervals of probabilities. In this work, we study the difference between pIMCs and other Markov Chain abstractions models and investigate the two usual semantics for IMCs: once-and-for-all and at-every-step. In particular, we prove that… 
Satisfiability Bounds for ω-Regular Properties in Bounded-Parameter Markov Decision Processes
This paper solves the problem specifically suggested by Dutreix and Coogan in CDC 2018, extending their results on interval Markov chains with no adversary, and extends smoothly further to bounded-parameter stochastic games.
Importance Sampling of Interval Markov Chains
This work proposes a method to apply importance sampling to Interval Markov Chains and shows promising results in applying the method to multiple case studies.
Decision algorithms for modelling, optimal control and verification of probabilistic systems
This dissertation focuses on decision algorithms for modelling and performance evaluation of probabilistic systems leveraging techniques from mathematical optimization and introduces a novel stochastic model, Uncertain weighted Markov Decision Processes (UwMDPs), so as to capture quantities like preferences or priorities in a nondeterministic scenario with uncertainties.
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This paper presents various analysis algorithms for parametric Markov chains and Markov decision processes, and gives a detailed account of the various algorithms, presents a software tool realising these techniques, and reports on an extensive experimental evaluation on benchmarks.
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The main ideas underlying state-of-the-art algorithms that established an impressive leap over the last decade enabling the fully automated analysis of models with millions of states and thousands of parameters are described.
Parameter Synthesis Algorithms for Parametric Interval Markov Chains
A co-inductive definition of consistency is introduced, which improves and simplifies previous inductive definitions considerably and has been formally proved in the interactive theorem prover PVS.
Behavioral Specification Theories: an Algebraic Taxonomy
This work starts by clarifying what precisely constitutes a behavioral specification theory and then introduces logical and structural operations and develops the resulting algebraic properties.
Constraint modelling and solving of some verification problems. (Modélisation et résolution par contraintes de problèmes de vérification)
  • A. Bart
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
  • 2017
Nous avons implemente nos modeles en contraintes en problemes de programmation lineaire en nombres entiers et in problemes of satisfaction modulo des theories, ainsi que ses algorithmes de filtrage inspires de l’interpretation abstraite.
Reasoning on Stochastic Models in Systems Biology Under Uncertainty
  • Krishnendu Ghosh
  • Computer Science
    2020 IEEE 20th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (BIBE)
  • 2020
This work creates a formalism that is based on interval Markov chains with open intervals to address uncertainty in the environment and an automated abstraction of the intervals Markov chain based model is described.


LTL Model Checking of Interval Markov Chains
This work considers the problem of computing values for the unknown probabilities in an IMC that maximize the probability of satisfying an ω-regular specification, and describes an approach based on an expectation maximization algorithm.
Parameter Synthesis for Parametric Interval Markov Chains
Interval Markov Chains IMCs are the base of a classic probabilistic specification theory introduced by Larsen and Jonsson in 1991. They are also a popular abstraction for probabilistic systems. In
Consistency for Parametric Interval Markov Chains
This paper investigates the consistency problem for Interval Markov Chains with parametric intervals and proposes an efficient solution for the subclass of parametric IMCs with local parameters only, and shows that this problem is still decidable for parametricIMCs with global parameters, although more complex in this case.
Parametric real-time reasoning
This work addresses the more realistic and more ambitious problem of deriving symbolic constraints on the timing properties required of real-time systems by introducing parametric timed automata whose transitions are constrained with parametric timing requirements.
Specification and refinement of probabilistic processes
  • B. Jonsson, K. Larsen
  • Computer Science
    [1991] Proceedings Sixth Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science
  • 1991
A formalism for specifying probabilistic transition systems, which constitute a basic semantic model for description and analysis of reliability aspects of concurrent and distributed systems, is presented and it is shown that it is analogous to the extension from processes to modal transition systems.
Polynomial-Time Verification of PCTL Properties of MDPs with Convex Uncertainties
A PCTL verification algorithm is presented and it is proved that it runs in time polynomial in the size of a CMDP for a rich subclass of convex uncertainty models, allowing us to lower the previously known algorithmic complexity upper bound for IMDPs from co-NP to PTIME.
PARAM: A Model Checker for Parametric Markov Models
PARAM 1.0 is presented, a model checker for parametric discrete-time Markov chains (PMCs) that can evaluate temporal properties of PMCs and certain extensions of this class.
PRISM 4.0: Verification of Probabilistic Real-Time Systems
A major new release of the PRISMprobabilistic model checker is described, adding, in particular, quantitative verification of (priced) probabilistic timed automata.
PROPhESY: A PRObabilistic ParamEter SYnthesis Tool
ProPhESY, a tool for analyzing parametric Markov chains (MCs), can compute a rational function (i.e., a fraction of two polynomials in the model parameters) for reachability and expected reward objectives and supports the novel feature of conditional probabilities.
Principles of Model Checking (Representation and Mind Series)
Principles of Model Checking offers a comprehensive introduction to model checking that is not only a text suitable for classroom use but also a valuable reference for researchers and practitioners in the field.