Reabilitação de pessoas com estomia intestinal: revisão integrativa

  title={Reabilitaç{\~a}o de pessoas com estomia intestinal: revis{\~a}o integrativa},
  author={Vanessa Damiana Menis Sasaki and Andr{\'e} Aparecido da Silva Teles and Mariza Silva de Lima and J{\'e}ssica Cristina Costa Barbosa and Beatriz Braga Lisboa and Helena Megumi Sonobe},
  journal={Journal of Nursing Ufpe Online},
ABSTRACT Objective : to analyze the national and international scientific production on the rehabilitation of intestinal stomas and the implications for care. Method : an integrative review with the question: What aspects explored by the national and international scientific production on the rehabilitation of intestinal stomas? The search was performed with the descriptors rehabilitation, stoma, self-care and nursing care in the databases BDENF, LILACS, MEDLINE and Pubmed. Results : a sample… 

Nursing diagnoses, outcomes and interventions in the care of people with intestinal elimination stoma

The creation of statements of nursing diagnoses/outcomes and interventions and the process of confirmation of pertinence and relevance by specialists helped in the search for evidence of elements of nursing practice directed to the specific clientele.


O presente trabalho objetivou descrever a importância do enfermeiro na assistencia de pacientes com estomias intestinais na ajuda ao paciente, na adaptacao de sua forma fisica, psicologica e outras funcoes.

Orientações de enfermagem a pacientes ostomizados: Revisão integrativa

Uma revisão integrativa da literatura, no período of 2016 a 2021, nas bases of dados Lilacs e BDENF, conclui-se that as evidências sobre as orientações de pacientes ostomizados são escassas.

Percepción de pacientes y enfermeras tratantes de Cuba sobre el autocuidado de mujeres mastectomizadas

Introduccion: El cancer de mama es muy frecuente en mujeres y su tratamiento puede llegar a ser muy invasivos, como lo es, la mastectomia. Objetivo: explorar vivencias y percepciones de pacientes

Características socioculturais e clínicas de estomizados intestinais e de familiares em um Programa de Ostomizados

The analysis of characteristics indicated a need to reevaluate the strategies used in specialized care to assure greater participation, considering the clinical impairment of these patients and their dependence on family members.


There are gaps and misconceptions in this process of rehabilitation, principally in relation to the advice on social inclusion through work, which may be caused by the nurses' lack of knowledge regarding the issue; and the non-application of Systematization of Nursing Care.

Determinantes biopsicossociais do processo de inclusão laboral da pessoa estomizada

The biopsychosocial changes caused by the presence of the stoma may hinder inclusion in the work of ostomy patients, however, with social support can be created flexible terms that help them in their return to work activities.

A visão do colostomizado sobre o uso da bolsa de colostomia* The perception of colostomized patients on the use of the colostomy bag

The theme developed in this investigation was: "The return to life with the use of the Colostomy bag", through which the process experienced by colostomized patients in face of various situations and needs occurring after the colostomy was addressed.

Adjustment to colostomy: stoma acceptance, stoma care self-efficacy and interpersonal relationships.

Addressing psychosocial concerns should become part of the care routinely given to stoma patients, and more emphasis on dispelling negative thoughts and encouraging social interactions is recommended.

Effects of Enterostomal Nurse Telephone Follow-up on Postoperative Adjustment of Discharged Colostomy Patients

Evidence is provided that enterostomal nurse telephone follow-up can improve patient ostomy adjustment level and other related outcomes and is an effective intervention to support the adjustment of stoma patients after hospital discharge.

Evaluation of the Expert Patient Program in a Chinese Population With Permanent Colostomy

This study showed that the EPP was applied effectively in patients with permanent colostomy, and highlights the importance of psychosocial support for patients with Permanent colstomy.

The correlation between ostomy knowledge and self-care ability with psychosocial adjustment in Chinese patients with a permanent colostomy: a descriptive study .

Providing knowledge and emphasizing/teaching self-care may help persons with a colostomy make the necessary daily and social life adaptations.

Surviving colorectal cancer: long-term, persistent ostomy-specific concerns and adaptations.

    V. SunM. Grant R. Krouse
    Journal of wound, ostomy, and continence nursing : official publication of The Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society
  • 2013
Persistent ostomy-related issues were focused on clothing restrictions and adaptations, dietary concerns, issues related to ostomy equipment and self-care, and the constant need to find solutions to adjust and readjust to living with an ostomy.

How Do We Promote Independent Ostomy Management for People with Disability?

    Mary Zeigler
    Rehabilitation nursing : the official journal of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses
  • 2012
This article describes how people with ostomies became independent with their ostomy management along with state‐of‐the‐art ostomy technology aimed at the needs of the disabled person.