ReGel polymer-based delivery of interleukin-2 as a cancer treatment.

  title={ReGel polymer-based delivery of interleukin-2 as a cancer treatment.},
  author={Wolfram E Samlowski and John R. McGregor and Maria Jurek and Miroslav Baudy{\vs} and Gaylen M. Zentner and Kirk D. Fowers},
  journal={Journal of immunotherapy},
  volume={29 5},
ReGel is an aqueous, filter sterilizable ABA tri-block polymer consisting of poly-(lactide-co-glycolide) and polyethylene glycol. We tested the suitability of this polymer to provide sustained interleukin-2 (IL-2) delivery for cancer immunotherapy. ReGel/IL-2 is liquid at or below room temperature, and is easily injectable through narrow gauge needles, but undergoes a reversible thermal transition into a bioerodible depot at body temperature. We demonstrated that ReGel/IL-2 releases IL-2 over… CONTINUE READING
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