Re-visioning Romantic-Era Gothicism: An Introduction to Key Works and Themes in the Study of H.P. Lovecraft

  title={Re-visioning Romantic-Era Gothicism: An Introduction to Key Works and Themes in the Study of H.P. Lovecraft},
  author={Philip Smith},
  journal={Literature Compass},
Howard Phillips Lovecraft was an author, letter writer and poet who lived between 1890 and 1937. His works blend science fiction with Gothic themes. Lovecraft was, by the majority of accounts (including his own), a bad writer. He was also an outspoken racist for the majority of his life to a degree which makes much of his work, to a modern reader, politically grotesque. Despite the above, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Lovecraft’s work can be found in the genealogy of almost all… 

Rhyming Events: Contested Narratives and "Cli-Fi" in Richard McGuire's Here

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Gothic and the Generation of Ideas

Gothic writing has remarkable generative power: as Marshall Brown has described it, gothic is a genre with what he calls a teleology, whose “significance lies in what it enabled its future readers to

Palimpsests: Literature in the Second Degree

By definition, a palimpsest is oa written document, usually on vellum or parchment, that has been written upon several times, often with remnants of erased writing still visible.o Palimpsests

H.P. Lovecraft in Popular Culture: The Works and Their Adaptations in Film, Television, Comics, Music and Games

Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born late in the nineteenth century, but it was not until after his death in 1937 that he became a worldwide icon of horror and supernatural fiction. Influenced largely