Re-reading Rand through a Russian Lens

  title={Re-reading Rand through a Russian Lens},
  author={Mikhail Kizilov},
  journal={Journal of Ayn Rand Studies},
  pages={105 - 110}
  • M. Kizilov
  • Published 12 June 2021
  • Art
  • Journal of Ayn Rand Studies
ABSTRACT:This article reviews a new book by a Russian scholar, Anastasiya Grigorovskaya, which places Ayn Rand's fiction into its Russian context. Grigorovskaya comes to the conclusion that Ayn Rand's imagery and fiction was heavily influenced by Russian philosophy and literature. Paradoxical it may seem, but written in America in the English language, her novels and plays contain hidden references to ideas and tendencies that preoccupied the minds of many Russian thinkers and writers in the… 


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