Re-membering the Basque nationalist family: Daughters, fathers and the reproduction of the radical nationalist community

  title={Re-membering the Basque nationalist family: Daughters, fathers and the reproduction of the radical nationalist community},
  author={Carrie Hamilton},
  journal={Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies},
  pages={153 - 171}
  • Carrie Hamilton
  • Published 1 September 2000
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies
How Do Terrorist Groups Emerge?
  • Political Science
  • 2020
Martha Crenshaw warned of the risks of adopting an overly deterministic vision with regards to terrorism. She provides a fitting image where a framework for understanding the emergence of terrorist
Las mujeres de ETA: activismo y transgresión
The transgression resulting from the association of violence with women is revealed in the political and mediatic treatment that women of ETA have received, often associated with a perverted
Terrorism, Gender, and History - Introduction
"Terrorismus, Gender und Geschichtswissenschaft - Eine Einleitung". After some introductory remarks, this article gives a brief overview on contemporary terrorism research in the political and social
Political Violence and Body Language in Life Stories of Women ETA Activists
  • Carrie Hamilton
  • Sociology, Political Science
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 2007
T his article brings together two themes of central interest to feminist scholars in recent years: violence and the body. As the feminist philosopher Bat-Ami Bar On notes, “violent bodies” have often
the gender politics of political violence: women armed activists in ETA
This article aims to contribute to the developing area of feminist scholarship on women and political violence, through a study of women in one of Europe's oldest illegal armed movements, the radical
'Un personaje genuinamente español': National Discourses in Jorge Martínez Reverte's Gálvez en Euskadi
Abstract This paper seeks to explore different and competing Basque and Spanish nationalist discourses as they are articulated in Jorge Martínez Reverte's 1983 crime novel, Gálvez en Euskadi. This
Gendering Spanish Democracy
Part One: Gendering Democratic Spain 1. Introduction Monica Threfall and Christine Cousins 2. Gendering the Transition to Democracy: Reassessing the Impact of Women's Activism Monica Threlfall 3. The
Private Sector Involvement in the Euro: The Power of Ideas
This book looks at the role of the Association for Monetary Union in Europe's role in the construction of the Euro. It argues that the AMUE played a prominent role in the adoption of a number of
Voices of the vanquished: Leftist women and the Spanish Civil War


are dedicated to women and radical nationalism. Zulaika (1988) makes some limited but interesting comments on gender roles in ETA
  • ch. 5 and Alcedo
  • 1985
The Basque Insurgents: ETA
  • 1984
VOICE of the past.
Reading a voice from the past is also a way as one of the collective books that gives many advantages, not only for you, but for the other peoples with those meaningful benefits.
The gender politics of ETA and radical Basque nationalism
  • 1999
Disappearing Acts: Spectacles of Gender and Nationalism in Argentina's "Dirty War"
In Disappearing Acts , Diana Taylor looks at how national identity is shaped, gendered, and contested through spectacle and spectatorship. The specific identity in question is that of Argentina, and
Feminism and nationalism: the European case
  • Feminist Nationalism
  • 1997
Sacrifice and Political Legitimation: The Production of a Gendered Social Order
For the last twenty-five years images of political violence in Ireland have been splashed across the world: car-bombs, snipers, civil demonstrations, and political parades have provided graphic
Gendered troubles: refiguring "woman" in Northern Ireland
  • Politics
  • 1994
Mothering on the Lam: Politics, Gender Fantasies and Maternal Thinking in Women Associated with Armed, Clandestine Organizations in the United States
Since the emergence of the contemporary women's movement, activists and scholars have been interested in women who engage in political violence, particularly in the context of left-wing, nationalist
Family Feuds: Gender, Nationalism and the Family
All nationalisms are gendered, all are invented, snd all are dangerousdangerous, not in Eric Hobsbawm's sense as having to be opposed, but in the sense of representing relations to political power