Re-imagining the rape-revenge genre: Ana Kokkinos’ The Book of Revelation

  title={Re-imagining the rape-revenge genre: Ana Kokkinos’ The Book of Revelation},
  author={K Mcwilliam and Sharon A. Bickle},
  pages={706 - 713}
Abstract The Book of Revelation focuses on modern dancer Daniel’s (Tom Long) abduction by three masked women. As its biblical title suggests, Daniel experiences a personal apocalypse: he is chained naked to a floor, raped and, on release, embarks on a violent quest to find his attackers. In this article, we discuss the film as the site of two distinct, but interwoven re-imaginings. First, we discuss the film as a re-imagining of the rape-revenge genre through its reversal of gendered norms: its… Expand


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