Re-imagining bisexuality and Christianity: The negotiation of Christianity in the lives of bisexual women and men

  title={Re-imagining bisexuality and Christianity: The negotiation of Christianity in the lives of bisexual women and men},
  author={Alexander Toft},
  pages={546 - 564}
  • A. Toft
  • Published 15 August 2014
  • Sociology
  • Sexualities
Research exploring non-heterosexual sexuality and Christianity has tended to conflate ‘lesbian and gay’, with ‘bisexual’, effacing the latter. This article explores how bisexual women and men in particular understand their Christianity, where they have been denied access to institutionalised Christianity and have re-imagined their faith. I examine how bisexuality is understood by popular Christian denominations and how respondents challenge these standpoints. The respondents reshaped their… 

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