Re-evaluation of ascorbic acid deficiency in hemodialysed patients.

  title={Re-evaluation of ascorbic acid deficiency in hemodialysed patients.},
  author={C Papastephanidis and Basil Agroyannis and H Tzanatos-Exarchou and B Orthopoulos and D C Koutsicos and M. Frangos-Plemenos and M Kallitsis and Hippocrates A Yatzidis},
  journal={The International journal of artificial organs},
  volume={10 3},
In 92 uremic patients under chronic hemodialysis without ascorbic acid supplementation, serum ascorbic acid was measured before hemodialysis and between two sessions. The results indicated a more serious ascorbic acid deficiency of patients than in previous studies. This difference might be explained by the highly specific enzymatic method applied in the present study, excluding any potential interference of various serum reducing substances.