Re-entrant disordering of colloidal molecular crystals on two-dimensional periodic substrates

  title={Re-entrant disordering of colloidal molecular crystals on two-dimensional periodic substrates},
  author={Michael C. Mikulis and C. J. O. Reichhardt and C. J. O. Reichhardt and Richard T. Scalettar and Gergely T. Zim{\'a}nyi},
  journal={Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter},
Using numerical simulations, we study colloidal ordering and disordering on two-dimensional periodic substrates where the number of colloids per substrate minima is two or three. The colloids form dimer or trimer states with orientational ordering, referred to as colloidal molecular crystals. At a fixed temperature such that, in the absence of a substrate, the colloids are in a triangular floating solid state, upon increasing the substrate strength we find a transition to an ordered colloidal… 
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Results of molecular-dynamics calculations on melting in a two-dimensional (2D) Lennard-Jones system are presented. We find that this system loses its resistance to shear at a temperature T1 (≈0.36).
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The two-stage melting of the colloidal crystal and the existence of the hexatic phase at intermediate concentration are found.
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Measurements are reported where, in addition to the light intensity, the single particle density was also systematically varied, and for the first time the full thermodynamic information about the system is obtained, which allows comparison with numerical predictions of other authors.
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