Re-emergence of foot-and-mouth disease in Botswana.

  title={Re-emergence of foot-and-mouth disease in Botswana.},
  author={Eddie Kekgonne Baipoledi and G Matlho and M. Letshwenyo and M C Chimbombi and Ebenezer Adom and M V Raborokgwe and J. M. K. Hyera},
  journal={Veterinary journal},
  volume={168 1},
The re-emergence of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in Botswana is reported. The disease outbreak occurred in the Matsiloje Extension Area of Francistown veterinary district situated in the northeastern part of the country in an Office International des épízooties (OIE) recognized FMD free zone without vaccination. The disease affected cattle only and did not spillover into sheep and goats resident in the same extension area, as demonstrated by lack of seroconversion to FMD when tested. The virus… CONTINUE READING