Re-designation of Ethnic Muslims as Bosniaks in Montenegro

  title={Re-designation of Ethnic Muslims as Bosniaks in Montenegro},
  author={Mehmed Đe{\vc}evi{\'c} and Danijela Vukovi{\'c}-{\'C}alasan and Sandra Kne{\vz}evi{\'c}},
  journal={East European Politics \& Societies and Cultures},
  pages={137 - 157}
The purpose of this article is to analyse the dynamics of the process of re-designation of ethnic Muslims as Bosniaks in Montenegro. Through a comparison with the analogous process in Serbia, certain specificities are indicated in the context of Montenegro. In line with the premises of the elite theory, we point to the divergent influence of the socially engaged members of the Slavic Muslim cultural corpus in Montenegro on the process of ethnic self-identification of Slavic Muslims in the… Expand
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Re-designation of ethnic Muslims as Bosniaks 157