Re-Imagining Being “Straight” in Straight Edge

  title={Re-Imagining Being “Straight” in Straight Edge},
  author={Jesse J. Helton and William J. Staudenmeier},
  journal={Contemporary Drug Problems},
  pages={445 - 473}
In the early 1980s the term “straight edge” was coined to describe a youth subculture within the punk rock scene, a subculture that chose a lifestyle that abstained from alcohol, tobacco and drugs as well as promiscuous sex. While considered a smaller youth scene today than in its peak years of the late 1980s, straight edge has evolved into an international, more complex subculture with several different strands. This paper explores the youth subculture of straight edge, with a special focus on… 
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In this article, the author examines the relative roles of music and the internet for self-identifying members of the straightedge youth subculture. For nearly 30 years, subcultures have been
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A straight edge
Our use of the term "scene" here is influenced by John Irwin' s concept of a distinctive lifestyle located spatially
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Situation Degenerates
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