Re-Estimating the Size of Javanese Jong Ship

  title={Re-Estimating the Size of Javanese Jong Ship},
  author={Muhammad Averoes},
  journal={Historia: Jurnal Pendidik dan Peneliti Sejarah},
  • Muhammad Averoes
  • Published 25 February 2022
  • Business, History
  • Historia: Jurnal Pendidik dan Peneliti Sejarah
It is known that the Javanese jong ship is larger than Portuguese ships. There have been several scholars who have estimated the size of the jong ship, though in an unspecified manner. This study is intended to estimate the size of the jong ship by calculation. This paper explores historical records of jong sizes, claims of jong sizes, and calculates jong sizes with formulas according to shipbuilding rules. From the calculations carried out, the size of the Javanese jong is obtained. The…