Re-Englishing ‘flat-world’ fiction

  title={Re-Englishing ‘flat-world’ fiction},
  author={Anjali Pandey},
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Definitions by Undoings

The man sd, a generalization is a greased slide. Which was true when the absolute was uncovered by the relative. But now that the relative has been restored as that which includes the absolute (the

Ivory Tower in Escrow

I have presented this essay in various stages at the following institutions and conferences: the conference on Critical Theories: China and West, at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the

A corpus‐based investigation of world Englishes in literature

Given the spread of English as a world language and the subsequent development of numerous varieties during the colonial and postcolonial periods, the emergence of local literatures using local

Book Review: Collected works of Braj B. Kachru

Aijmer, Karin. 1997. I think – an English modal particle. In Toril Swan & Olaf Jansen Westvik (eds.), Modality in Germanic languages: Historical and comparative perspectives, 1–47. Berlin: Mouton de

The sacred cows of English

Will ‘native speakers’ of English have to change some of their most cherished and least examined assumptions as the language approaches the 21st century?