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Re-Configuring Agnes : The Telling of a Transsexual ' s Story

  title={Re-Configuring Agnes : The Telling of a Transsexual ' s Story},
  • C.
  • Published 2013
  • Sociology
I n the social sciences, researchers, interviewers, and narrators of peoples' experiences present selective recordings of subjects' voices. This paper concentrates on the portrayal of transsexual narrativeswith a particular focus on representations of one subject, Agnesas they have been selectively constituted by social scientists. Agnes, a transsexual, participated in Harold Garfinkel's research in the late 1960s, making her the first subject of an in-depth discussion of transsexuality in… 
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Agnes e Garfinkel: pensando gênero através de um clássico da sociologia
Resumo Neste artigo buscamos apontar como a relação entre Agnes e o sociólogo estadunidense Harold Garfinkel produziu uma análise de gênero que se diferenciava das teorias biologizantes do seu tempo.


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