RbfA from 30 S ribosome during a late stage of ribosome biosynthesis

  title={RbfA from 30 S ribosome during a late stage of ribosome biosynthesis},
  author={Simon Goto and Shingo Kato and Takatsugu Kimura and Akira Muto and Hyouta Himeno},
RsgA is a 30S ribosomal subunit-binding GTPase with an unknown function, shortage of which impairs maturation of the 30S subunit. We identified multiple gain-of-function mutants of Escherichia coli rbfA, the gene for a ribosomebinding factor, that suppress defects in growth and maturation of the 30S subunit of an rsgA-null strain. These mutations promote spontaneous release of RbfA from the 30S subunit, indicating that cellular disorders upon depletion of RsgA are due to prolonged retention of… CONTINUE READING


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