Raw Sex as Limit Experience: A Foucauldian Analysis of Unsafe Anal Sex between Men

  title={Raw Sex as Limit Experience: A Foucauldian Analysis of Unsafe Anal Sex between Men},
  author={Dave Holmes and Patrick O’Byrne and Denise Gastaldo},
  journal={Social Theory \& Health},
In a world of increasing economic exploitation, rationalization, individualization, and the devaluation of former human skill sets by technology with the resulting outcomes of alienation, self-estrangement, and disenchantment, the risk (limit) experience offers an escape to a sensual universe of emotional intensity and self-determination. This paper examines the possible ramifications between limit experience, resistance, and the ethics of the Self in the context of what Baudrillard calls a… 
A theoretical examination using governmentality to understand gay men’s risk and sexual behaviours
This article explores the link between Foucault’s (1991) governmentality theory, specifically as it relates to gay men’s sexual practices and perceptions of HIV risk. Foucault’s (1991) theory of
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Sexual health discourses have become a defining part of many gay men’s sex lives. These discourses have effectively linked gay identity to HIV/AIDS discourses through telling most gay men how to
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“I’m Not Gonna Run Around and Put a Condom on Every Dick I See”: Tensions in Safer Sex Activism Among Queer Communities in Montréal, Quebec
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Stealth breeding: bareback without consent
ABSTRACT ‘Stealth breeding’ describes a stealth form of condomless sex between men (known as ‘bareback’). While ‘stealthing’ as a practice of non-consensual condom removal affects both men and women,
Barebacking: A Review of the Literature
  • R. Berg
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Archives of sexual behavior
  • 2009
Although epidemiological data suggest prevalence of barebacking varies across regions, time, and serostatus, the majority of men who have sex with men (MSM) do not intentionally seek out condomless anal sex, and findings show that macro-, meso-, interpersonal-, and intrapersonal level factors converge to influence the likelihood that an individual will bareback.
Beating the Boundaries: An Exploration of BDSM as Religioning
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Preface (1999) Preface (1990) 1. Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire I. 'Women' as the Subject of Feminism II. The Compulsory Order of Sex/Gender/Desire III. Gender: The Circular Ruins of Contemporary
The anatomy of a forbidden desire: men, penetration and semen exchange.
It is found that while the exchange of semen constitutes a dangerous and irrational practice to healthcare professionals, it is nevertheless a significant variable in the sexual lives of barebackers that needs to be taken into consideration in the provision of healthcare services.
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