Rats Remember Items in Context Using Episodic Memory

  title={Rats Remember Items in Context Using Episodic Memory},
  author={Danielle E Panoz-Brown and Hannah E. Corbin and Stefan J. Dalecki and Meredith Gentry and Sydney Brotheridge and Christina M. Sluka and Jie-En Wu and Jonathon D. Crystal},
  journal={Current Biology},
Vivid episodic memories in people have been characterized as the replay of unique events in sequential order [1-3]. Animal models of episodic memory have successfully documented episodic memory of a single event (e.g., [4-8]). However, a fundamental feature of episodic memory in people is that it involves multiple events, and notably, episodic memory impairments in human diseases are not limited to a single event. Critically, it is not known whether animals remember many unique events using… CONTINUE READING

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