Rationality of Seshadri constants and the Segre–Harbourne–Gimigliano–Hirschowitz conjecture

  title={Rationality of Seshadri constants and the Segre–Harbourne–Gimigliano–Hirschowitz conjecture},
  author={Marcin Dumnicki and A. K{\"u}ronya and Catriona Maclean and Tomasz Szemberg},
  journal={Advances in Mathematics},
Seshadi constants via functions on Newton–Okounkov bodies
The aim of this note is to establish a somewhat surprising connection between functions on Newton–Okounkov bodies and Seshadri constants of line bundles on algebraic surfaces.
Non-existence of negative curves
Let X be a projective toric surface of Picard number one blown up at a general point. We bring an infinite family of examples of such Xwhose Kleiman-Mori cone of curves is not closed: there is no
Concave transforms of filtrations and rationality of Seshadri constants
We show that the subgraph of the concave transform of a multiplicative filtration on a section ring is the Newton--Okounkov body of a certain semigroup, and if the filtration is induced by a
Geometric aspects of Newton-Okounkov bodies
This is a survey article on Newton-Okounkov bodies in projective geometry focusing on the relationship between positivity of divisors and Newton-Okounkov bodies.
Extended Okounkov bodies and multi-point Seshadri constants
Based on the work of Okounkov, Lazarsfeld-Mustata and Kaveh-Khovanskii independently associated a convex body, called the Okounkov body, to a big divisor on a smooth projective variety with respect
Some results on Seshadri constants on surfaces of general type
We prove two new results for Seshadri constants on surfaces of general type. Let X be a surface of general type. In the first part, inspired by Bauer and Szemberg (Manuscripta Math 126(2):167–175,
Irrational nef rays at the boundary of the Mori cone for very general blowups of the plane
In this paper we develop a technique for discovering (non-effective) irrational rays at the boundary of the Mori cone for linear systems on a general blowup of the plane, and give examples of such
A G ] 1 4 N ov 2 01 8 Multipoint Okounkov bodies
Starting from the data of a big line bundle L on a projective manifold X with a choice of N ≥ 1 different points on X we give a new construction of N Okounkov bodies that encodes important geometric


On Nagata's Conjecture
Abstract This paper gives an improved lower bound on the degrees d such that for general points p 1 ,…,  p n  ∈  P 2 and m  > 0 there is a plane curve of degree d vanishing at each p i with
A primer on Seshadri constants
Seshadri constants express the so called local positivity of a line bundle on a projective variety. They were introduced by Demailly. The original idea of using them towards a proof of the Fujita
Variations on Nagata's Conjecture
In this paper we discuss some variations of Nagata's conjecture on linear systems of plane curves. The most relevant concerns non-effectivity (hence nefness) of certain rays, which we call \emph{good
We discuss some properties of the extremal rays of the cone of effective curves of surfaces that are obtained by blowing up P 2 at points in very general position. The main motivation is to rectify
Geometric Aspects of Polynomial Interpolation in More Variables and of Waring’s Problem
In this paper I treat the problem of determining the dimension of the vector space of homogeneous polynomials in a given number of variables vanishing with some of their derivatives at a finite set
Singular hermitian metrics on positive line bundles
The notion of a singular hermitian metric on a holomorphic line bundle is introduced as a tool for the study of various algebraic questions. One of the main interests of such metrics is the
Interactions of Classical and Numerical Algebraic Geometry
While classical algebraic geometry has been studied for hundreds of years, numerical algebraic geometry has only recently been developed. Due in large part to the work of Andrew Sommese and his
A primer on Seshadri constants, Interactions of Classical and Numerical Algebraic Geometry, Proceedings of a conference in honor of A. J. Sommese, held at Notre Dame
  • Contemporary Mathematics
  • 2008
Book Review: Positivity in algebraic geometry. I--II