Rationality of Partial Zeta Functions

  title={Rationality of Partial Zeta Functions},
  author={Daqing Wan},
  journal={Indagationes Mathematicae},
  • D. Wan
  • Published 10 April 2003
  • Mathematics
  • Indagationes Mathematicae
Partial zeta functions for y − x
A partial zeta function is a type of generating function for the number of solutions to systems of polynomials over finite fields introduced by Wan [2] to generalize local zeta functions. Wan [3]
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We give an introduction to zeta functions over nite elds, focusing on moment zeta functions and zeta functions of a ne toric hypersurfaces.


Let Fq be a finite field of characteristic p with q elements. Choose an algebraic closure F of Fq. Throughout this paper, schemes, morphisms and sheaves defined over the base field Fq are denoted by
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Motivated by arithmetic applications, we introduce the notion of a partial zeta function which generalizes the classical zeta function of an algebraic variety defined over a finite field. We then
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Let p be a prime number, a2 the completion of the algebraic closure of the field of rational p-adic numbers and let A be the residue class field of Q. The field A is the algebraic closure of its
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