Rationale for large scale bone marrow hemopoietic stem cell manipulation.

  title={Rationale for large scale bone marrow hemopoietic stem cell manipulation.},
  author={Giacomo Menichella and L Pierelli and M. Vittori and A. Paoloni and Maria Laura Foddai and Riccardo Serafini and Antonio Iacone and Gregory W Mango},
  volume={76 Suppl 1},
Many years have passed since the first attempt in marrow grafting was performed (1939). During this period several techniques have been developed in marrow processing and manipulation to overcome bone marrow transplant complications: the ABO barrier in case of major incompatibility between donor and recipient, the graft-versus-host disease due to the presence of allogeneic mature T-lymphocytes in cellular suspension and the neoplastic cell residue in autografts. At the end, the final volume of… CONTINUE READING