Rational design of three-dimensional (3D) optically active molecule-based magnets: synthesis, structure, optical and magnetic properties of ([Ru(bpy)3](2+), ClO4(-), [Mn(II) Cr(III)(ox)3](-))n and ([Ru(bpy)2ppy](+), [M(II)Cr(III)(ox)3](-))n, with M(II) = Mn(II), Ni(II). X-ray structure of ([deltaRu(bpy)3](2+), ClO4(-), [deltaMn(II)DeltaCr(III)(ox)3](-))n and ([lambdaRu(bpy)2ppy)](+), [lambdaMn(II)lambdaCr(III)(ox)3](-))n.


To elucidate the relation between structural and magnetic properties, we have synthesized molecular materials having both Cotton effects and a ferromagnetic long range order. Such optically active 3D molecule-based magnets were rationally designed using the enantioselective template effect of optically active cations, namely Delta or Lambda [Ru(bpy)3, ClO4… (More)