Rational design of a biomimetic cell penetrating peptide library.

  title={Rational design of a biomimetic cell penetrating peptide library.},
  author={Emmanouil D. Karagiannis and Aleksandra Malgorzata Urbanska and Gaurav Sahay and Jeisa M. Pelet and Siddharth Jhunjhunwala and Robert S Langer and Daniel G Anderson},
  journal={ACS nano},
  volume={7 10},
Cell penetrating peptides have demonstrated potential to facilitate the cellular delivery of therapeutic molecules. Here we develop a set of 50 cell penetrating peptide based formulations with potential to deliver small interfering RNAs intercellularly. The transfection efficacy of siRNA containing lipid-like nanoparticles decorated with different peptides was evaluated both in vitro and in vivo and correlated with the peptide physical and chemical properties. In vitro, these particles were… CONTINUE READING