Rational approximations to π and some other numbers

  title={Rational approximations to $\pi$ and some other numbers},
  author={M. Hata},
  journal={Acta Arithmetica},
  • M. Hata
  • Published 1993
  • Mathematics
  • Acta Arithmetica
Analytic number theory and approximation
In this course we will cover some aspects of analytic number theory, in particular rational approximation of irrational numbers, irrationality proofs and transcendence proofs. Quite often theExpand
Résumé. — Soit ξ un nombre irrationnel. Si l’on connâıt une suite d’approximations diophantiennes unξ− vn → 0, avec un, vn entiers, on peut en général en déduire une majoration de son exposantExpand
An essay on irrationality measures of pi and other logarithms
We present a brief survey of the methods used in deducing upper estimates for irrationality measures of the logarithm values. We particularly expose the best known estimates for $\log2$ (due to E.Expand
Rational approximation to values of G-functions, and their expansions in integer bases
Building upon previous works of Andr{e} and Chudnovsky, we prove a general result concerning the approximations of values at rational points a/b of any G-function F with rational Taylor coefficientsExpand
Approximation of values of the Gauss hypergeometric function by rational fractions
AbstractWe consider a new approach to estimating the irrationality measure of numbers that are values of the Gauss hypergeometric function. Some of the previous results are improved, in particular,Expand
A devil's staircase from rotations and irrationality measures for Liouville numbers
  • DoYong Kwon
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 2008
Abstract From Sturmian and Christoffel words we derive a strictly increasing function Δ:[0,∞) → . This function is continuous at every irrational point, while at rational points, left-continuous butExpand
At least two of $\zeta(5),\zeta(7),\ldots,\zeta(35)$ are irrational
Let ζ(s) be the Riemann zeta function. We prove the statement in the title, which improves a recent result of Rivoal and Zudilin by lowering 69 to 35. We also prove that at least one of β(2), β(4), .Expand
Irrationality of ζ q ( 1 ) and ζ q ( 2 ) ⋆
In this paper we show how one can obtain simultaneous rational approximants for ζq(1) and ζq(2) with a common denominator by means of Hermite-Padé approximation using multiple little q-JacobiExpand
On the Irrationality Measure of ln 7
Using an integral construction based on symmetrized polynomials, we obtain a new estimate for the irrationality measure of the number In 7. This estimate improves a result due to Wu, which was provedExpand


Legendre type polynomials and irrationality measures.
A Lower Bound for Rational Approximations to π
Abstract We give a sharp lower bound for rational approximations to π by modifying the classical approximation formula to the system {(log(1 − x )) j } 1 ≤ j ≤ K due to Hermite. In fact, it will heExpand
Approximants de Padé et mesures effectives d’irrationalité
Les approximants de Pade; des fonctions hypergeometriques ont ete utilises pour l’etude en des points rationnels z=p/q des approximations diophantiennes des valeurs de ces fonctions. Cette methodeExpand
Some remarks on Beukers' integrals
Legendre polynomials and irrationality.
A Note on the Irrationality of ζ(2) and ζ(3)
At the “Journees Arithmetiques” held at Marseille-Luminy in June 1978, R. Apery confronted his audience with a miraculous proof for the irrationality of ζ(3) = l-3+ 2-3+ 3-3 + .... The proof wasExpand
On the Approximation of π
The aim of this paper is to determine an explicit lower bound free of unknown constants for the distance of π from a given rational or algebraic number.