Rational Souls and the Beginning of Life (A Reply to Robert Pasnau)

  title={Rational Souls and the Beginning of Life (A Reply to Robert Pasnau)},
  author={John Warner Haldane and Patrick Lee},
  pages={532 - 540}
The present essay takes up matters discussed by Robert Pasnau in his response (published in the same issue of Philosophy) to our previous criticism of his account of Aquinas's view of when a foetus acquires a human soul. We are mainly concerned with metaphysical and biological issues and argue that the kind of organization required for ensoulment is that sufficient for the full development of a human being, and that this is present from conception. We contend that in his criticisms of our… 

Substantial Goodness and Nascent Human Life

  • Shawn D. Floyd
  • Philosophy
    HEC forum : an interdisciplinary journal on hospitals' ethical and legal issues
  • 2015
This essay appeals to Aquinas’s metaethics to establish the conclusion that the goodness of a human being—even if that being is an embryo or fetus—resides at the substratum of her existence.

Philosophy, critical thinking and ‘after-birth abortion: why should the baby live?’

  • M. Tooley
  • Philosophy
    Journal of Medical Ethics
  • 2013
A discussion of the nature of philosophy is discussed, and it is suggested that there are crucial background issues that need to be placed on the table, that any thoughtful reader needs to consider, and my assessment of the article by Giubilini and Minerva is offered.

Aquinas's account of human embryogenesis and recent interpretations.

  • J. Eberl
  • Philosophy
    The Journal of medicine and philosophy
  • 2005
Two recent interpretations in which it is argued that a human person does not begin to exist until a fetus has developed a functioning cerebral cortex are discussed.

Clashes of consensus: on the problem of both justifying abortion of fetuses with Down syndrome and rejecting infanticide

The article concludes by making some preliminary remarks about how one might manage the situation posed by the argument by referring to the differences between the moral status of the fetus versus the infant and the act of infanticide.

Substantial Goodness and Nascent Human Life

Many believe that moral value is—at least to some extent—dependent on the developmental states necessary for supporting rational activity. My paper rejects this view, but does not aim simply to



Chs. 3-4

  • Developmental Biology
  • 2000

Before We are Born, Essentials of Embryology and Birth Defects

  • 2003