Ratings of age of acquisition of 299 words across 25 languages: Is there a cross-linguistic order of words?

  title={Ratings of age of acquisition of 299 words across 25 languages: Is there a cross-linguistic order of words?},
  author={Magdalena Łuniewska and Ewa Haman and Sharon Armon-Lotem and Bartłomiej Etenkowski and Frenette Southwood and Darinka Anđelkovi{\'c} and Elma Blom and Tessel Boerma and Shula Chiat and Pascale M J Engel de Abreu and Natalia Gagarina and Anna Gavarr{\'o} and Gisela H{\aa}kansson and Tina M. Hickey and Kristine Jensen de L{\'o}pez and Theodoros Marinis and Ma{\vs}a D. Popovi{\'c} and Elin T. Thordardottir and Agnė Bla{\vz}ienė and Myriam Cant{\'u} S{\'a}nchez and Ineta Daba{\vs}inskienė and Pınar Ege and Inger-Anne Ehret and Nelly-Ann Fritsche and Daniela Gatt and Bibi Janssen and Maria Kambanaros and Svetlana Kapalkov{\'a} and Bjarke Kronqvist and Sari Kunnari and Chiara Levorato and Olga Nenonen and Siobh{\'a}n Nic Fhlannchadha and Ciara O'Toole and Kamila Poli{\vs}ensk{\'a} and Barbara Pomiechowska and Natalia Ringblom and Tanja Rinker and Maja Roch and Maja Savi{\'c} and Daniela Slan{\vc}ov{\'a} and Ianthi Maria Tsimpli and {\"O}zlem {\"U}nal-Logacev},
  journal={Behavior research methods},
  volume={48 3},
We present a new set of subjective age-of-acquisition (AoA) ratings for 299 words (158 nouns, 141 verbs) in 25 languages from five language families (Afro-Asiatic: Semitic languages; Altaic: one Turkic language: Indo-European: Baltic, Celtic, Germanic, Hellenic, Slavic, and Romance languages; Niger-Congo: one Bantu language; Uralic: Finnic and Ugric languages). Adult native speakers reported the age at which they had learned each word. We present a comparison of the AoA ratings across all… CONTINUE READING
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