Rate of progression of valvular aortic stenosis in adults.

  title={Rate of progression of valvular aortic stenosis in adults.},
  author={Pompilio Massimo Faggiano and Giuseppe Ghizzoni and A Sorgato and Tony Sabatini and U Simoncelli and Armando Gardini and Cesare Rusconi},
  journal={The American journal of cardiology},
  volume={70 2},
Until recently the hemodynamic severity of valvular aortic stenosis (AS) was evaluated only by cardiac catheterization. Now, Doppler echocardiography allows a noninvasive and accurate assessment of AS severity and can be used to study its progression with time. The progression of AS was assessed during a follow-up period of 6 to 45 months (mean 18) by serial Doppler examinations in 45 adult patients (21 men and 24 women, mean age 72 +/- 10 years) with isolated AS. The following parameters were… CONTINUE READING
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