Rate constants for the reactions of hydroxyl radical with several fluoroethers by the relative rate method.


Relative rate experiments were used to measure ratios of chemical kinetics rate constants as a function of temperature for the reactions of OH with eight fluoroethers, including CF3OCF2CHF2, CF3OCF2CHFCF3, CHF2CF2OCHF2, CF3CHFCF2OCH2CF3, (CF3)2CHOCHF2, CF2HCF2OCH2CF3, CHF2CF2OCHFCF3, and CF3CH2OCH2CF3. The temperature ranges were about 270-400 K. Each compound was measured against at least two references. Results are compared with previous data where available. An approach using model compounds for the approximate estimation of rate constants for the fluoroethers is discussed. Observed temperature dependences for fluoroethers from the present work and some literature work are shown to be accurately predictable, based on a previously determined correlation of k298K with the pre-exponential factor, A, in the Arrhenius equation k = Ae(-E/RT).