Rat pack

  title={Rat pack},
  author={M. MarkPatterson},
Walk Like a Man: Hegemonic Masculinity and Un-Made Men in 'The Sopranos'
This thesis is intended to provide a re-evaluation of 'The Sopranos' in response to recent contributions made to the field of film and television studies regarding the rise of “Quality Television”Expand
Have the Harmful Effects of Introduced Rats on Islands been Exaggerated?
New Zealand is used as a case study because of its four-decade history of rat eradications and many detailed and innovative studies of how rats affect native species, including use of exclosures, local manipulations of rat populations, video surveillance, and measurements of responses following eradications. Expand
The Media and John Howard P.M.: The Canberra Press Gallery 1996-2007
This thesis examines the impact of the Howard government’s media management strategies on the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery (FPPG) and its capacity to fulfil the quasi-institutional fourthExpand
The development of economic and business news on Australian television.
Television is the favoured news source for most Australians and is regarded as having the potential to influence public opinion. From its inception however, television has been regarded as ill-suitedExpand
From small Maria to massive Campbell: Forty years of rat eradications from New Zealand islands
Priorities for future development therefore include more effective methods for detecting rodent invasions, especially ship rats (Rattus rattus) and mice (Mus musculus), broader community involvement in invasion prevention, and improved understanding of reinvasion risk management. Expand
Neural and behavioral correlates of decision confidence
Tese de doutoramento em Biociencia, no ramo de Neurociencia, apresentada ao Departamento de Ciencias da Vida da Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia da Universidade de Coimbra